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Simon Holden Racing Syndicates aims to be the number 1 horse racing syndicate company on the market. That may take some time but from day 1 Simon and the team around him aim to make this the most fun ownership experience available anywhere.

In an age of mass ownership clubs, we offer a true ownership experience with a MAXIMUM limit of 28 shares per syndicate. Syndicate members will share the full racing ownership experience from yard visits to the excitement day as an owner.

We seek likeminded individuals who love racing, would love to be part of a big gamble and can look at the Owners and Trainers Bar with intentions of possibly being the last to leave. 

Making Friends Going Racing Having Fun is our Motto. Our owners will make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime and whilst nobody can guarantee victory, we can guarantee fun and camaraderie.


Simon Holden Tipster, Author and Broadcaster is arguably the leading Tipster of the Internet age and runs the hugely popular bookie bashing YouTube Channel Holden's Horses. In a 15 year career he has built up a huge network of contacts throughout the racing world. 

This is his biggest project yet and he has gathered a top team around him. The aim is to buy smart and purchase horses who we have identified as potential big improvers. Once that is done (no easy feat) we must identify Trainers who are up to the job and understand the ethos of our operation. That is be transparent and welcoming and always realise 


The good news is we know brilliant Trainers who share our ethos.

The great news is we have our first horse and look forward to forming the first of many fun and successful Simon Holden Racing Syndicates 

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I look forward to welcoming you.

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