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Terms &  Conditions

Simon Holden Racing Syndicates Terms and Conditions

Each Syndicate will have a maximum of 28 members who will each own an equal share of 3.57%. 

The Syndicate term will be 18 months from commencement date. At the end of this term a discussion with the Trainer and syndicate members will take place to decide the future of the horse. If sold at auction all proceeds will be distributed between syndicate members equally.

All prize money won by the horse will be held in a dedicated Wetherby’s account till the end of the syndicate period. At which time it will  be distributed equally amongst syndicate members based on share size.

•  Failure to pay a monthly payment on the due date of the first of each month or before will see you issued with a payment reminder warning during which period you must make payment. Failure to make payment after this a ten day warning period will see all prize money and equity interest in the horse be foregone (subject to the directors  discretion only).  You will still be liable for upkeep of horse notwithstanding any non-payment and all rights will be reserved to pursue for this sum.

Managing Director Simon Holden and Director Karl Skow will liaise with the Trainer and meet regularly online and via phone call with each syndicate member to discuss plans re the running plans for the horse. Syndicate members should not contact the Trainer directly and if wanting to see the horse work this can be done quickly through the Directors.

Racecourses provide between 4 to 8 complimentary owners badges. These will be distributed on a pro rata basis. We will always attempt to “get everyone in” but if not possible additional owners badges for members and partners will be available for a fee payable to the racecourse.

•  Please note as you are an owner of this horse you may not use the inside information you possess to take advantage of adverse performance of the horse. You can of course back the horse to win or place when you deem appropriate from the information you possess. 

•  Members of the Syndicate  will be expected to behave in a respectful manner on visits and activity days. Any member in breach of this may be removed from the Club, at my discretion.

When making a first payment via bank transfer, PayPal or Stripe you are confirming you have read and agree to the Simon Holden Racing Syndicates terms and conditions.

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